How Do I Join?

You can join the LETS by filling out our membership form and emailing it to or phone (705) 749-3910 to discuss options. The membership fee will be discussed in a reply. The LETS office will provide you with a membership number, a list of the goods and services available and complete instructions on how to trade.

Types of Membership

You can join the LETS as an individual member or as a business or organization member. Individual members who receive a LETS account, can list goods and services offered in the LETS directory, and have access to a Green Dollar credit limit of $250.


Business members pay a higher annual fee. In return, they can advertise their services under their business name, and they have access to a Green Dollar credit limit of $500.

Membership Fees

The LETS charges an annual membership fee to help cover the cash costs of operating the system. This fee is on a sliding scale to make the system accessible to everyone. We invite you to choose an amount you feel is fair based on the use you will make of the system and what you can afford.


Individual members pay from $15 to $35 per year. Business members pay from $35 to $100 per year.


The LETS also charges small fees, payable in Green Dollars, for production and distribution of the system's newsletter and recording transactions.


Note: LETS policy is that no-one will be excluded from membership because of an inability to pay the annual membership fee. Under these circumstances, an alternative arrangement, such as payment through work in the LETS office, can be discussed.

Click here for the Membership Form