The Peterborough LETS Exchange
Membership Form

Welcome to the Peterborough LETS Exchange! This is a barter system dedicated to the exchange of goods and services in the Peterborough community. It is a system based on trust, goodwill, and mutual benefit and its' mandate is to improve the economic, social, and environmental health of Peterborough County.

Personal Information:

First Name:_______________________ Last Name:__________________________
Business or Group Name:_________________________________________
(only business or group members)
Street Address:___________________________________________________
City:___________________________ Postal Code:____________________
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Sliding Scale Annual Membership Fee (in Canadian dollars):

The Peterborough LETS Exchange uses a sliding scale membership fee to make it available to everyone. You pay an amount you feel is fair based on your anticipated use of the system, and/or what you can afford.

Please check one:
Personal Membership - Between $15 and $35 per year
Business or Group Membership - Between $35 and $100 per year

Memberships run from Jan 1 to Dec 31. If joining part way through the year, you may pay a monthly rate between $1.25 CA - $8.33 CA per month ($2.08 CA/ month is the suggested personal monthly rate).

Please make cheques payable to the Peterborough LETS Exchange.

Office Use ONLY:
Membership No: Expiry Date:

Directory Listing(s)

There are no limits to what can be traded through the LETS Exchange. Professional services such as accounting or chiropractic, hobbies such as bike repair, piano lessons, or baking, second hand goods, favours or errands for a friend - all these things can earn you Green Dollars when traded through the LETS Exchange.

Use the following space to list the Goods or Services that you will offer in the Directory. Your entries will also appear in the next newsletter. This listing(s) can be changed at anytime. It might help to look at some existing listings to get an idea of what to put in your own listing(s).



The Newsletter:

Each account holder contributes one Green Dollar for the production of The Peterborough LETS Exchanger. You have the option of either having your Exchanger delivered with your monthly account statement to you for a small fee in Green Dollars or E-mailed. The Exchanger contains New Members' listings, temporary goods and services offered or wanted, member profiles, and news about the LETS system including upcoming Markets and other important information.

( ) I would like to have The Exchanger delivered at a cost of one Green Dollar per issue.
( ) I would like to read The Exchanger on the LETS web site.

Member's Understanding:

  1. I have read and agree with the guiding principles of the Peterborough LETS Exchange.
  2. I understand that income I earn through the LETS may be taxable, and that taxation issues related to the involvement of myself or my business in the Peterborough LETS Exchange are my responsibility. The Peterborough LETS Exchange is under no obligation or liability to either report or collect taxes on behalf of its membership.
  3. I am aware of the licensing requirements of my business or trade and that the Peterborough LETS Exchange is under no obligation or liability with respect to the involvement of myself, or my business, in the Peterborough LETS Exchange.
  4. I understand that a credit limit will be placed on my account.
  5. I understand that any member whose account is in debt and who wishes to leave the Peterborough area and/or resign from the LETS Exchange, must inform the LETS Exchange and settle his/her account, preferably, through trading and/or, if necessary, in Canadian Dollars.
  6. I understand, as the Seller, that my account will be debited 5% of the Green Dollar value of the sale.
  7. I understand that the LETS will publish my name, telephone number, e-mail address, and website address to other LETS members.
Please sign this form and return it, with a cheque payable to Peterborough LETS Exchange.
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